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St Ella - Cosmetic

St Ella - Cosmetic

Have you wondered what makes the women’s lips so luscious and wanted? It’s the sumptuous colors of the lipstick which gives them that sheen. Derived from the concept itself, St Ella Lip Colors range from colors named after a variety of crystals and flowers to give the ‘scent’ of women.  Our luxurious lip colors are saturated with mineral pigments and nutrients to provide long lasting moisture and protect that lip.
Ranging from 15 colors imaginable, the creation of the lip colors takes sophistication and femininity to a higher level.

St Ella Lip Gloss
A necessity to enhanced lips, St Ella Lip Gloss comes in five glorified colors to match any lip color. Packed with the highest quality natural ingredients for staying power, moisture and nourishments to the lips.  Sexy, shimmer and shine lips best describes the glossy shine on your lips.
The juicy colors give your lips incredible dose of shine, natural color and pout. Think your lips are in need of some special effects? Give them St Ella Lip Gloss and shine like a star.

St Ella Piano Eye Shadow
Unlike conventional make up products, mineral based make up won’t sink into fine lines and wrinkles. With the proper application and a bit of upkeep, the make up you apply in the morning will last you until you wash your face at night. 
St Ella Piano Eye Shadow, designed with elegance in mind, it offers an array of beautifully matching shades of seven palettes altogether.  Drawn by the wonders of colors, matching an eye shadow with your outfit or lip color has never been this easy.
Made into piano-like shape, the eye shadow offers a new breakthrough in cosmetics, especially eye color.  Create the look you want, wet or dry for any occasion or party.

St Ella Mesmerizing Eye Liner
Get the look you want. - Smoky, dramatic or soft, with our versatile and long lasting St Ella Eye Liner.  Adding perfection and a finishing touch to the eyes, the eye liner always go on smooth and easily remain smudge-proof throughout the day.
The St Ella Eye Liner delivers a maximum performance in two colors. Silky and delicate, it dries almost instantly, leaving a lasting impression on the eyes. To be used together with St Ella Lash Maximizer mascara for the perfect looking dramatic eyes.

St Ella Lash Maximizer Mascara
Stretched and curved – that’s what it does. With St Ella Lash Maximizer Mascara, it combs the lashes easily with its bent brush, giving them intense curves and widens the eyes. Set as an accomplishment to the eye liner, this mascara produces sexy eyes with long lasting action on lash curve and volume.
Clump free, soft and safe even to the most sensitive eyes, Lash Maximizer makes the perfect mascara for lashes without limits.

St Ella Diamond Lashes
Love to have stand out, be glamorous? With this diamond lustre gel, the lashes look truly sparkled and perfectly styled to add a touch of a “star” in you. A multifunctional styling polymer provides hold and a silky, lightweight feel. Apply after mascara or without mascara, this darling raises your lashes by brushing upwards to give you lashes a jewel like effect. 
Comes in two sparking colors, silver and gold to make your eyes so gorgelicios. A one of a kind and unique way to apply glamorous diamond glitters to the lashes. You don’t need fake eye lashes anymore.

St Ella Quick Eye Styler
Get the style you want with St Ella Quick Eye Styler. A classical liquid liner in a modern, new type packaging to give a touch of modernization. A magic pen for beginners and an easy way to smooth the line to your eyes, this eye styler is easy-to-control and is anti slip. Made with a nylon tip for precise and bold line to give you the perfect looking set of eyes.

St Ella Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrow pencils are a standard way to fill in brows but many products may produce greasy, matt or hardens your look. We have just the right thing for your brows.  Create the brows you’ve always wanted with an eyebrow pencil that provides the color, perfect and natural looking definition. The smooth application gives your brow an ideal highlight.  

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